Life is good

Life is good

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We now have a one year old and an eight year old!!

Where in the world does the time go??? This time last year I had a baby I brought home from the hospital  and now I have a one year old.

It's been so fun watching this little man grow, every stage has been exciting. He's so much like his sister Ash was when she was a baby. They  both take life on their own terms and are not in any hurry.


Nash has come so far in the past few months...he crawls, pulls himself up and cruises furniture. He loves to push his toys around the house and get into everything he shouldn't. I don't officially call him a walker but he's taken at least 10 steps on his own, he just prefers to get there faster by crawling.
He's got a few words he loves to use, Hi, Bye, Dog and Night Night,mama, dada, gaaaaaa (grandpa) we all swear he says Ray Ray. I tried teaching him sign but the only thing he cares to use is the sign to eat, which he does it all of the time, he is truly an eating machine. 
I think besides his sisters Loretta is becoming a favorite of his :)

I started taking him to a place got Great Play where we play with other kids his own age. We do little obstacles, and sing songs, he absolutely loves it.
He loves to eat and gets very excited when he gets put in his highchair.  His favorite food is bananas at this point. He also loves cheese and any kind of berry. He loves PB sandwiches and meat is a big thing for him. He's not a fan of many veggies but we still try :) He's picky and likes what he likes but he wants it all including whatever you're eating. I even take it as far as to avoid walking through the kitchen because god forbid he see's something he may want to eat.
Still loving his car rides which makes life easy since we are always in it.

Now lets talk about Our newly eight year old buggie boo!!
How in the world did this happen?

Seemed like only yesterday I was at home juggling a newborn baby for the first time.
Ashlee is truly a good hearted little girl, super dooper lazy but a sweet girl.

She started third grade and loves it!! 
She's been taking piano and singing lessons for the past 9 months and really enjoys it. She's a big Taylor Swift fan and is learning all her songs.
She is a 2nd year brownie in girl scouts this year. Just the two of us went to girl scout camp in Ft. Collins for 2 nights with a few of our troop friends. We had a great time, but most of all I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with her. 
She just completed her first season of volleyball and really seemed to enjoy it. She would like to try it again in the spring, so we'll see how that goes. 
I really think it's important for kids to try it all so they know what they really enjoy and want to focus on.

Now we have little Ray Ray......who is now in Kindergarten.  Still a lover of her Gymnastics, and her practice and dedication has put her on a Level 1 team called Mojo 1.
She is such a smart little cookie, and we're so very proud of how hard she works. She's already reading small books and her handwriting in great. She aims to please and doesn't like getting in trouble. 


She still says she wants to be a mom when she grows up and I can see why.......Her little bro is her everything and she enjoys every bit of him. She carries him around everywhere, pushes him in his stroller etc. She pretty much does everything but change his diaper. 

I really don't know what I'd do without her and all her help!! 

Another huge thing for the Goddard family was the purchase of our new home we bought in August. I know many of you think we move a lot and I will agree we do, but this is a home we will be in for a very long time. We loved our last house and planned to stay in it, but we saw an opportunity and had to jump on it. My parents are finishing the walk out basement and will be living there. They will have everything they need down there. We have a gorgeous home in a cul-de-sac, with beautiful open space behind us. 

Looking back on summer, we really had a great one!! We had a fun camping trip, and a big trip to San Diego to celebrate my dad turning 70. We had many pool days and lots of outdoor time.
I'm really enjoying Fall as it's one of my favorite times of the year. The kiddo's are all ready for Halloween and all the parties involved

Love doing life with my best friend by my side, he's a hard worker for his family and we appreciate him so much

Thursday, November 3, 2016

We're now a family of 5

 Baby Nugget now has a name and that name is Nash Jacob Goddard, he came all on his own time on August 3rd 2016 at 4:26 am. No surprise that he came  8 days past is EDD, Ray came 11 days past her EDD. My babes are very comfy in their little home.

I did very well managing my pain and staying home as long as I possibly could. I was so afraid to show up to the hospital and be told I was only at a 2.
Once I felt like contractions were getting close enough I called my midwife and she had me come into the office for her to check me there instead of going to triage.
It was not fun sitting in a waiting room with other pregnant mama's trying to keep my composure.
My midwife checked me and looked up and the words I'll never you're 6-7 centimeters dilated. Holy Shit no way is all I thought!!!
still happy at 7cm "Go Me"

I was so proud of myself and walked right out of there thinking I'm going to meet my baby nugget very soon. They admitted me right away and I got settled in and called my doula who showed up shortly after that.
Baby Nugget decided to be very stubborn after that and took his time to make his debut. It was a very rough time but I did it and had a wonderful memorable birth of my little Nash man. I had the best birth team by my side the entire time. He is my 2nd VBAC baby

Since the day Nash came home, he has  been such and amazing little guy! He sleeps well, eats well and has such a good little soul.

He latched on with no problem and has been the best little nurser since he came out. At 2 months he gained almost 3 lbs since birth.
His sisters adore him and are so good with him. It's nice that they're older and understand the attention he needs.

Ashlee started 2nd grade and Reagan Pre- K, so crazy my babies are growing up too fast.
Ashlee is still swimming and Reagan is our little gymnast. She loves to practice her skills on our couch and all over the living room.

Jake and I got to go to our very first concert at Red Rocks with our good friends. What an amazing experience we had.

I'm very fortunate to have such a long maternity leave and won't return back to work until March. I'm thoroughly enjoying the time spent with my kiddo's.
 There are times I feel guilty because I'm not spending the amount of time with Ash and Ray that I used to since their little brother arrived. Even though he's an awesome baby it's still tough to juggle time with 3 little ones. I know they understand but it's hard for me sometimes. No one ever said parenting was easy :)
For now we're just enjoying our new little family as we all know time goes way to fast.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Baby Nugget

I can't believe how fast time flies....
It seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and now we will be meeting this little guy in 6 weeks.

Baby Nugget came as a huge surprise for us, but now we couldn't be happier. We're adding a little boy to our family the end of July.
Baby Nugget got his name from our oldest who claims he looks like a chicken nugget LOL

The question I get daily is "do you have a name" and the answer is no, we wish  we did but this has always been hard for us. We usually don't give our babies an official name until we've met them to see what name will fit.
This pregnancy has definatley been harder on me than my first two.
I was very nauseous and tired my first 3 months, and hurt a lot the second trimester. Oddly enough this last trimester has  been the easiest on me.
I worked out with both the girls up until the end, but it's been hard with this one because of back issues I've had, and I've been so tired. My little girlys never stop!! I still try and get to the gym but not as often as I like.
I've been doing water aerobics and absoulutly love it, something I wish I would've started a while ago.
It's been so much fun with the girls as they completely understand what's going on. They love to feel him kick and hear his little heartbeat at my dr's appointments. They're both so excited to be big sisters to this little guy.

My mom and friends Amanda and Jenn through me a shower a few days ago and it was wonderful. I got lots of things I needed since I got rid of everything.

With the help of my girls we got his nursery completed last week. We did his room in vintage airplanes with the colors being red, white and blue.
I washed all of his clothes and Ash organized them by size and put them on hangers for me.
I'm starting to feel more ready but time is going so fast and it makes it hard to rest.
I've officially started maternity leave....whoo hoo!!!
I worked a lot for myself these past few months, so I can take my entire leave once he's born.
I'm happy to be spending time with my hubby and girls too, since it won't be the 4 of us for much longer.
As far as everything else, we're a few weeks into summer and keeping very busy at the pool. Ash finished 1st grade and Ray finished pre-school.

Jake's still rockin his non profit "my mind wars" and I couldn't be more proud of him. We voluteered at Parker Days this past weekend and had a wonderful turn out. He's  got a lot of support and it's nice to see. I love that they now have a plan and he's so passionate about it. He truly never gave up on something that was very difficult to start. 

From here on out we will be patiently awaiting the arrival of our little guy

The girls have always love seeing pictures of themselves when I was pregnant with them, so I made sure to get a few this time around.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

By my ownself

By my own self is one of the many sayings from Ray.
She's a very independent little girl who can do it all by her own self. Which of course makes mommy really happy, because her big sister is not so much of the by my own self kind of kid.

Miss by my own self recently had a birthday in December. Our baby turned 4, and to her she is such a big girl and so much has changed in her opinion.
She tells us her hair is longer, she's smarter, she can swim by her own self, she's much faster and the list goes on and on.

She's still quite the little gymnast and still breaks out a cartwheel when the opportunity presents itself.

As sad as it is I think she's finally lost interest in the wizard of oz. I never thought this day would come, especially after I spend months trying to find her the retired polly pocket emerald city on ebay, being outbid numerous times.
Her new love is her baby alive "Malory" she is completely obsessed with this baby. 
The doll is literally rotting from the inside out because she feeds her everything. She is big into diapers for this doll and thank goodness due to kids you tube we found a much cheaper alternative to baby alive diapers. We use preemie ones from Walmart :)
She loves pre-school and is now writing her name very well. 

For her birthday we took her to frozen on ice, and went to dinner afterwards. We went with some very dear friends of ours, and Ray was so happy to spend her big day with her best little buddy Ava. Ashlee of course was super happy to be with her best buddy Abby.
Her birthday is very difficult being in December and I feel gets lost in the shuffle of Christmas festivities. We try very hard to make it a very special day for our little Bear.

We're all surviving the cold winter and can't wait to enjoy our backyard, warm weather, pool time and BBQ's
We recently got back from a cruise, such a wonderful vacation we all had. I will save that for another post.
Stay tuned for many other surprises from the Goddard's