Life is good

Life is good

Thursday, November 3, 2016

We're now a family of 5

 Baby Nugget now has a name and that name is Nash Jacob Goddard, he came all on his own time on August 3rd 2016 at 4:26 am. No surprise that he came  8 days past is EDD, Ray came 11 days past her EDD. My babes are very comfy in their little home.

I did very well managing my pain and staying home as long as I possibly could. I was so afraid to show up to the hospital and be told I was only at a 2.
Once I felt like contractions were getting close enough I called my midwife and she had me come into the office for her to check me there instead of going to triage.
It was not fun sitting in a waiting room with other pregnant mama's trying to keep my composure.
My midwife checked me and looked up and the words I'll never you're 6-7 centimeters dilated. Holy Shit no way is all I thought!!!
still happy at 7cm "Go Me"

I was so proud of myself and walked right out of there thinking I'm going to meet my baby nugget very soon. They admitted me right away and I got settled in and called my doula who showed up shortly after that.
Baby Nugget decided to be very stubborn after that and took his time to make his debut. It was a very rough time but I did it and had a wonderful memorable birth of my little Nash man. I had the best birth team by my side the entire time. He is my 2nd VBAC baby

Since the day Nash came home, he has  been such and amazing little guy! He sleeps well, eats well and has such a good little soul.

He latched on with no problem and has been the best little nurser since he came out. At 2 months he gained almost 3 lbs since birth.
His sisters adore him and are so good with him. It's nice that they're older and understand the attention he needs.

Ashlee started 2nd grade and Reagan Pre- K, so crazy my babies are growing up too fast.
Ashlee is still swimming and Reagan is our little gymnast. She loves to practice her skills on our couch and all over the living room.

Jake and I got to go to our very first concert at Red Rocks with our good friends. What an amazing experience we had.

I'm very fortunate to have such a long maternity leave and won't return back to work until March. I'm thoroughly enjoying the time spent with my kiddo's.
 There are times I feel guilty because I'm not spending the amount of time with Ash and Ray that I used to since their little brother arrived. Even though he's an awesome baby it's still tough to juggle time with 3 little ones. I know they understand but it's hard for me sometimes. No one ever said parenting was easy :)
For now we're just enjoying our new little family as we all know time goes way to fast.

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  1. You are all beautiful. Nothing is easy but you work at it every day. You and Jake are terrific parents. Congratulations!